Think inside the box

World Control offers a whole lotta game inside the best designed box on the market.

inside the box

Inside you'll find:

The BANK, which is grabbable & holds all items:


- 31 Property-Cards

- 24 General-Cards

- 23 Sage-Cards


- 6 x 6 different Stoxx


- 6 x 1 Leader + 40 Army-Corpz


- Money: 10, 50, 100, 500 billion bills (40 each)

- News: 21 different #fakenewz (tweet- & reprintable)


The DICE-ARENA (which holds the Bank & has pockets for all the dice)


- 1x Leader-die (10-sided)

-3x Border-dice (12-sided)

-10x Combat-dice (6-sided ; 5 attack / 5 defend)






The box-design keeps everything organized & compact, while offering as much physical playabilty as possible, but if you want the most perfect design of evil then you can take it up a notch & get the deluxe board. Made of wood & acrylic glass it also features pockets for the property-cards right inside the board & a complete overview of the law of inhumanity on the backside of the cover. A must-have for true, global Playerz.

the deluxe board